Enuresis: A Few More Ideas On How To Stop Bedwetting For Children

The young children who have not yet learned how to stop bed wetting sometimes suffer needless embarrassment as they grow older. It is often impossible to have overnights with friends due to this problem and of course the child might suffer embarrassment for his siblings. Parents who get a handle on the issue early, will help to ameliorate this dreadful condition.

What We Pass On To Our Children

Upon investigation, moms and dads find that this is a hereditary issue, as well, running in families. Knowing this before children start arriving might give them extra time to prepare for the solutions required, if that condition does pop up, you will be ready. The very first thing a parent may do is check with the youngster’s pediatrician to be sure that there is not a medical problem, this is very important. If not, then there are many alternatives to help the child stop wetting the bed. Many pediatricians say that medication is the last resort, as I agree with them. You really don’t want to start giving your child medication for every little problem. Unless of course you are instructed to by an doctor.

When helping a child to with this type of problem it is very important to make their environment calm and stable. Don’t try anything when there are a lot of things going on. For instance holidays, major sports games, and any other special events. These are all distracting so a child is not focusing on stopping and controlling himself. This also applies to bedtime; don’t let your children get wound up right before bed, so they have a hard time winding back down.

What Might Help

As with many childhood issues, this one of wetting the bed will often stop on its own, but for the sake of the child, earlier is better. Intervention may be required to help the child cease the nighttime blunder. For young children, up to about seven years of age, super-duper training pants at bedtime might help. This is not recommended for older children, however as you might lower their self esteem even more. Wetting the bed is embarrassing enough but to have to wear diapers, they won’t like that.

Some parents have successfully inaugurated the reward system. The youngster is given a reward, something of value to him or her, for each night resulting in a dry bed. It does take some time, but with the added assistance of day time practice on “holding it” for a few extra minutes, it has worked for many. I suggest you use this only if you think you child isn’t trying hard enough.

If there is a stubborn case, going with a bedwetting alarm review may do the trick, although it may take several weeks for the child t respond adequately to this system. When he or she does “get it”, and learns how to stop bed wetting, the overnights and vacations will once again be happy for all.