Kenya has made commendable leaps in the ICT sector in the recent past. The number of people working online through the internet from their homes has increased. This can be evidenced by the huge numbers of people who are using such terms like online jobs, data entry jobs and online business through the search engines. Internet business transactions have also been in an all time peak. These great improvements are set to explode even more with the building of the first African Information Technology City, Konza City.

The question on every critics mind however is how much Kenyans are equipped to take up the explosion of ICT in the country. Do we have enough personnel to staff Konza City, or will we be left outsourcing for employees from other countries?

Konza however is just but one aspect of Kenya’s growth in ICT, and I believe that Kenyans have more than enough ICT know-how to provide the necessary staffing for Konza city.

The growth of ICT in Kenya will also result to the expansion of online business transactions and online jobs for Kenyans. It is for this very purpose that raiyaonline is dedicated to equipping Kenyans on how to transact online business, find online jobs and profitably make money online without the need for  any corporate employment.

If you are like me and you really do believe in the idea of making money online, then you just landed in the right vehicle. Welcome on board, and feel free to give you suggestions and opinions on other ways of transacting online business and working online in Kenya.  Let us make Konza City work for us.


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