Enuresis: A Few More Ideas On How To Stop Bedwetting For Children

The young children who have not yet learned how to stop bed wetting sometimes suffer needless embarrassment as they grow older. It is often impossible to have overnights with friends due to this problem and of course the child might suffer embarrassment for his siblings. Parents who get a handle on the issue early, will help to ameliorate this dreadful condition.

What We Pass On To Our Children

Upon investigation, moms and dads find that this is a hereditary issue, as well, running in families. Knowing this before children start arriving might give them extra time to prepare for the solutions required, if that condition does pop up, you will be ready. The very first thing a parent may do is check with the youngster’s pediatrician to be sure that there is not a medical problem, this is very important. If not, then there are many alternatives to help the child stop wetting the bed. Many pediatricians say that medication is the last resort, as I agree with them. You really don’t want to start giving your child medication for every little problem. Unless of course you are instructed to by an doctor.

When helping a child to with this type of problem it is very important to make their environment calm and stable. Don’t try anything when there are a lot of things going on. For instance holidays, major sports games, and any other special events. These are all distracting so a child is not focusing on stopping and controlling himself. This also applies to bedtime; don’t let your children get wound up right before bed, so they have a hard time winding back down.

What Might Help

As with many childhood issues, this one of wetting the bed will often stop on its own, but for the sake of the child, earlier is better. Intervention may be required to help the child cease the nighttime blunder. For young children, up to about seven years of age, super-duper training pants at bedtime might help. This is not recommended for older children, however as you might lower their self esteem even more. Wetting the bed is embarrassing enough but to have to wear diapers, they won’t like that.

Some parents have successfully inaugurated the reward system. The youngster is given a reward, something of value to him or her, for each night resulting in a dry bed. It does take some time, but with the added assistance of day time practice on “holding it” for a few extra minutes, it has worked for many. I suggest you use this only if you think you child isn’t trying hard enough.

If there is a stubborn case, going with a bedwetting alarm review may do the trick, although it may take several weeks for the child t respond adequately to this system. When he or she does “get it”, and learns how to stop bed wetting, the overnights and vacations will once again be happy for all.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan covers

What are ceiling fan blade covers?

Do you have an old ceiling fan that you are contemplating replacing because the style just doesn’t seem to fit your liking today? If so, an alternative to getting a new fan may be the purchase of ceiling fan blade covers.

The cost of this ceiling fan is much less than a new fan and can go a long way to spice up your room. These covers can dramatically change the look of your present fan to one that seems more up to date or even new.

Ceiling fan blade covers simply slip on over your existing fan blades and are secured through various methods. The new look can provide your room with an esthetic boost that will have your friends asking how much your new fan cost. There are many different styles of blade covers to choose from so you can decide on the look that best fits your taste.

For example the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company has a line of 54″ blade covers the will provide you with the choice of many different colors that run from the casual look to the more elegant look.

This specific cover is meant to be used with their Vera Cruz model ceiling fan. The cover is made of extra strong canvas and is considered a “sail-cloth” blade. Each color will provide a uniquely different look to your fan and still ensure the proper airflow distribution that you have come to expect from your fan.

Another popular choice in ceiling fan blade covers are the palm “fronds” which create an exotic tropical theme to your ceiling fan. These fronds look like original palm leaves and add an up to date style that many find quite impressive.

The fronds slip over an existing blade that is up to 6 inches in width and can be tightened securely. Most of the covers are made of a high tensile strength ABS Resin and come in colors like: Ivory, Sand and Burl. Additionally, the frond covers tend to provide better air circulation in a room without a noticeable down draft.

Another option for the purchase of ceiling fan blade covers is to get into the high-end market of covers. There are some specialty companies that strictly deal in blade covers exclusively. The covers are extremely beautiful and will make your current ceiling fan look fantastic.

One company describes some of their fan covers with the following names: Rich Cherry, Rainforest Rattan, North American Oak, Jamaican Sand, Imperial Bamboo, Brazilian Burle Wood, Aspen Natural, Ivory Coast to name just a few.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan coversIf you can afford the high-end ceiling fan blade covers it is important that your ceiling fan is in good working condition.

These covers are not cheap but their beauty is exquisite and you want to make sure your investment lasts a long time.

All is not lost if you fan happens to wear out because the blade covers can be transferred to any new fan that you may purchase as long as the specifications are the same.

We hope you have enjoyed this information on ceiling fan blade covers and find that you are more aware of the different types of covers on the market. You now know that you don’t have to live with a ceiling fan that just doesn’t fit your tastes anymore. You always have the option to get new blade covers.

Of full size bed frames: A miser’s best buying guide

Full Size Bed Frames are very important when it comes to comfort during sleeping. There are so many high quality frames that you can use when you want sound sleep and comfort.

Most of them are promised to be high quality when in the stores but you would be surprised just how much they offer when you purchase them. This is why you should be really careful when you are purchasing them. At the very least, make a point of reading reviews to find out what other consumers think about a product.

A good way to achieve this is through educating yourself on all the great qualities that make up a good Full Size Bed Frames. It does not matter whether the bed frame you want is for adults or kids, or the type of bed you have, you must make sure that it guarantees high quality.

Below are features and specifications that make great Full Size Bed Frames;

Ease of Fixing

A good Full Size Bed Frame should be easy to fix. This is through the availability of instructions delivered with it after your purchase. The best bed frames will not take you more than 10 minutes to fix them. However, there are others that will give you a headache before you figure out how to fix them. Make sure you read reviews on how the other customers found the process of fixing the frames.

Support and Durability

This is why strong and sturdy are encouraged. Most of these are the heavy duty Full Size Bed Frames. They have been made with strong material, provide great support when you are sleeping and offer great comfort. When buying a bed frame for your child, make sure it is strong enough not to collapse when your child jumps on it or shakes it.

Safety Standards

This is one of the things that most people forget to check, but it is really important. You should make sure that you check whether or not the fold up rollaway bed you are buying has met all the safety standards and regulations set.

Additional Components

The best Full Size Bed Frames come with additional components like rollers or an additional middle frame. A middle frame is good in providing additional support. Rollers can be used to expand the functionalities of your bed.

Those are the most important features that you should check when it comes to Full Size Bed Frames. There is a set of varieties that you can go through and make your final decision. This variety includes 2K Furniture Designs Heavy Duty 7 Leg Metal Full Size Bed Frame and Structures By Malouf Heavy Duty 6 Leg Linenspa Full Size Bed Frame. Make an informed decision by purchasing the right bed frames.

freelance writing jobs in Kenya

Introduction to SEO Article Writing

Today, the real fun begins. By the way, I received you article and it was very expertly written. I am very optimistic that you are going to get to places with your style of writing!

So, What is SEO Writing

SEO writing involves writing articles to help a client’s website rank well in Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. The main reason why clients are concerned with good rankings for their websites is very simple:
Good rankings equate to more traffic/visitors to their websites, which equates to more earnings for them.
Many clients hire freelance writers to create articles for them. As a freelance writer, you need to understand the qualities of a good SEO article in order to make sure that the article has served its purpose and that the client is contented with the content you have created for them.
In a nutshell, here is what makes up a good SEO article:freelance writing jobs Kenya

  1. Headline/Title of the Article– The headline of your SEO articles must be captivating, include the main keyword and be less than 65 characters in length. Google truncates titles at 70 characters and your client will need to have articles whose whole title is visible in the search engines.
  2. The First Paragraph of your article– Unless otherwise stated, make sure that you have used the keyword provided once in the first paragraph of your article. Additionally, clients looking for SEO articles appreciate it if you can dive right into the topic provided. Remember, you are being paid according to the number of words written and a client wants to capture as much information as possible within the number of words he is paying you to write.
  3. Formatting Your Article- Unless the client has given you strict instructions to write in prose, make sure that you make use of subheadings and bullet points as much as possible in your article. Keep the paragraphs short- at most three sentences long.
  4. Style of Writing– Write in second person point of view. Address the reader ar ‘you’ as this makes for more engagement with the audience. Although you will use the web to research your content, make sure that your content does not contain plagiarized material. Never pick off phrases from another author’s work and duplicate them as your own. Instead, paraphrase the information you come across when you are researching the content.
  5. Finalizing your article– Before you submit your work, make sure that you have checked it for unintentional plagiarism instances. There are several free online plagiarism checkers you can use to do this. I personally recommend you use Duplichecker.

Where to Find SEO Article Writing Jobs?

<< Test First Name >>, Now that you know what goes into an SEO article, why don’t we take a quick second to analyze the places where you can actually come across your first SEO article writing job.
There are several places where you can find SEO Writing jobs but I personally recommend the following four websites:


If you would like to land your first writing job very fast, head over tohttp://www.freelancer.com and create an account with basic free membership. There are many article writing jobs in Freelancer but many of them are low paying. So, if you really trust in the power of your writing craft, you should probably bypass Freelancer.


oDesk pays well and is friendly to non-native writers. A lot of Kenyans work in oDesk. I a later chapter, I will discuss what really goes into becoming a top freelancer in oDesk and Elance (see below). For now, head over tohttp://www.odesk.com sign up for an account and start familiarizing yourself with the platform.


Elance works like oDesk. Kindly visit the platform right now and create an account. When creating your profile, make sure you have selected that you want to work on the writing and translation category. We have a whole lesson coming up on what you need to do in order to be successful in both oDesk and Elance.


iWriter is by far the best place for a new freelance writer to start. However, if your writing skills are not up to par, please do not attempt to start your career in iWriter. Your account will get banned if clients are not satisfied with your work and give you low low rating.
There is also another downside to working in iWriter. Some few years ago, iWriter blacklisted many Kenyan IPs from accessing their website. If you access the internet using Safaricom or Orange internet, chances are that you won’t be able to access the iWriter platform. Airtel, Zuku and other ISP providers are however still able to access iWriter.
I have a whole lesson set aside to discussing iWriter. However, if you would rather not wait, head over to the platform and try completing an article that is in your level. You will like it.

Where Else Can You Get SEO Article Writing Jobs

So far so good. But remember we don’t want to limit ourselves to getting freelance writing jobs from these websites where we are competing with every other freelancer in the world. Instead, it pays if you can extend your wings a little wider, move out of the comfort zone and proactively request clients to hire you.


I am a big proponent of cold-calling, and I will show you how you can contact business owners with requests for SEO article writing jobs. Cold-calling works best if you are an expert writer in a certain field. The best clients to cold-ca;; are small businesses that are advertising their businesses in Google and Facebook. Simply find such businesses, get their contact information and shoot them a message requesting to write them content for pay. It is as simple as that but it is best to first build  a portfolio before you can start cold calling.

Your blog

If you are serious about your writing business, if you are not doing it to simply get you through a rough financial patch, you should think of starting a blog to document your journey as a freelance writer and to serve as a central contact area where clients can get you. In a later lesson, we will see how you can start a professional blog that will attract clients to you.

That is it for now. Any questions? Remember to shoot me an email or contact me on Facebook.

Elance and oDesk Survival Tips

Why Elance and oDesk?

….Because these two are the most popular and decent freelance job websites right now. You could probably also try working in Freelancer but honestly speaking, I have never been a big fan of Freelancer although that is where I first launched my career.

What Determines Your Success in Elance/oDesk?

Your success in these two platforms will depend on three main things:

  1. Your profile
  2. Your job proposals
  3. Client feedback and reviews.

Creating and Polishing Your Profile

Perfect Profile Tip #1

The information you provide on your profile matters. It is the first thing that a client looking for a freelancer to hire will see. The first few lines of your Elance profile will also appear in every job proposal that you make. It is important that you highlight a quality that sets you apart from the others in these first lines. What is your selling line? Mine, for instance, is “a freelance writer who gets it right the very first time- saving you time and money…
If you will be bidding on jobs on a particular category, say medical writing, it is important to point out this in the first few lines of your profile. I would for instance have this as, ‘a doctor who also writes‘ This very minor sentence can make the difference between a client passing you over and hiring you.

I will repeat this again…. mention what sets you apart within the first few lines of your Elance/oDesk Profile.

Perfect Profile Tip #2

Include samples of your writing in your profile. Many freelancers ignore this important part or include samples that turn clients off. If you are not looking for a job as an academic writer, forget about including your essays from college as samples. The best samples for your Elance/oDesk profile should be ones that are in line with the jobs you aspire to get.

If you will mostly be bidding for jobs as a press release writer (I personally enjoy writing PRs more), make sure your profile has some sample press releases that you have written. If you are trying to get jobs as an web content writer, include samples that show your prowess in this. You could also start a blog that acts as a reference point for clients.

Perfect Profile Tip #3

Include a professional photo in your profile. I cannot emphasis the importance of a professional photo strongly enough. Go to the nearest studio and get a clear headshot showing your perfect smile. Think of getting a job in Elance as going for an interview; you dress to impress don’t you?

That is all about the profile. I trust by now you have opened an account in Elance and oDesk. Share the url with me, and I will advise on what areas to improve.

Writing Your Job Proposals

Elance calls them proposals while oDesk calls them job applications.
If you are familiar with the platforms, you will understand that they require you to bid for jobs, which is not that easy, especially for a new freelance writer. Fortunately, you are enrolled to these lessons, and if there is an area where I pack the most knowledge, it is here.
So, what goes into writing the perfect proposal?
Start by going over some of these resources that explain a lot more about writing job proposals:

Apart from the above resources, I will also steal you into a secret. If you would like to write great proposals that any employer cannot resist, put yourself in the mind of an employer.

After you have read the above referenced resources, post a job (one that closely resembles what you would bid on in terms definition and price) in Elance or oDesk and let the applications start pouring in. Read through the applications as an employer would.

Pick the best application and spend a few minutes studying it? What makes it stand out, how has the freelancer addressed the employer? What makes you think that you could hire that particular freelancer and not any other.
It costs nothing to post a job in the platforms and you do not need to proceed with hiring a freelancer for the posted job. I do this every time that I think my job proposals are getting a little rusty, and it helps!

Getting Feedback and Reviews

Many clients look down upon newbies. The clients who really pay well are not willing to spend their money on someone who does not have any reviews, rating or feedback.

So, how do you get the reviews?

One of the ways that you can use to get reviews is to bid low on jobs and hope that an employer will hire you as a result of your low prices.

However, do not forget to mention to such an employer that the reason you are bidding lowly is because you want to establish a reputation in Elance/oDesk. Otherwise, the client might equate your cheap to low quality. To prove that you can indeed offer awesome quality, do not forget to include a sample article in your bid.
The other way of getting reviews is to ‘hire’ yourself! It is illegal to do so and your account might get banned if you are discovered. I have personally never done this, but I have friends who launched their careers this way.
If you are willing to take the risk, simply create another Elance/oDesk profile, post a job, go back to your true profile, bid on the job. Go back to the fake account, award yourself the job. Do the job. Complete it and forward it to the client account. Log into the client account and give yourself some good feedback and some 5-star rating. You might want to use different computers to accomplish all this.
However, if you have followed my advice about writing awesome proposals, you do not need to do this or bid low on jobs. Your job proposal is enough to land you high paying jobs. Spend some few minutes every day bidding to see how your proposals perform.
If you have any questions about working in Elance/oDesk, feel free to chat with me on Facebook, Google Plus or WhatsApp.